Renault Middle East has reason to cheer with a reported increase in marketshare to 1.5% in a falling market (they have grown by 0.29% year on year) and an uptick in sales generated from online leads (27% growth).

Commenting on the confident start to the year, Marwan Haidamous, Managing Director of Renault Middle East said; “We’ve seen a strong start to 2018 which is thanks to many factors. The team at Renault Middle East is working hard to bring the brand to the position it deserves to be in the region, which is challenging in the current market conditions.”

With a strong focus on the digital customer experience we are making the lives of our customers easier and more convenient; a proof point of this is the rise we have seen workshop entries from digital, which has increased by 130 percent across the region.”

And, we’ve also been pushing hard with high profile marketing campaigns to raise awareness of the brand – the biggest of which has been our partnership with The Voice Arabia. Through that partnership alone we saw a rise in our share of voice, online search inquiries increased by 45 percent, and we facilitated over 400 test drives.”

All of this, backed with an excellent recently renewed range of products means we are looking forward to celebrating more record breaking milestones in the future.”

Their best performance was in Egypt where their Kadjar SUV has helped them beat Toyota’s numbers in the first quarter with 2,369 sold, resulting in a marketshare of 7.42%.

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