New emission testing and standards, also known as the Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) will go into effect on September 1. Carmakers like Volkswagen and Porsche are among several early adopters who will have to interrupt production schedules to help incorporate the changes and validation procedures.

Porsche announced it would halt the sale of several models and VW will stop production as the company only builds vehicles that meet the new rules.

WLTP tests vehicles on real-world driving data as opposed to the previously tested hypothetical driving scenarios, meaning the test will award higher COreadings than the previous NEDC testing cycle. This could force some automakers like VW to delay road certification and sales.

“Within the Volkswagen brand alone, we need to test more than 200 model variants and have them type-approved within a very short space of time,” said Group CEO Dr. Herbert Diess. The new standards begin September 1.

The testing procedure is much more complicated, and the volume of work was three to four times higher, according to Diess. “To master this challenge, our test rigs have been and will be operated virtually round-the-clock,” said Diess. “After the works holidays in Wolfsburg, production vehicles with new standards will be delivered in phases as soon as the type approvals required are available. Nevertheless, we will need to store a large number of vehicles on an interim basis. To ensure that this number does not become too large, we will need to plan closure days for production in Wolfsburg during the period between the works holidays and the end of September.”

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