Montreal and the Canadian GP have not been going Ferrari’s way for a long time – with Mercedes usually stamping their dominance at the track. But this time around Ferrari, who came to town with an engine update, saw Sebastian Vettel win. Lewis Hamilton’s early power issues in the race put him out of contention for the podium and Ferrari have regained a sliver thin lead in the championship standings.

Vettel not only managed to master the new power equation early, he brought in some blistering qualifying times that put him on pole, leaving Valterri Bottas to fend off the charge of Max Verstappen going into the first corner. However a crash between Lance Stroll in his Williams and Brendan Hartley’s Toro Rosso saw both retire, the safety car come out and at the restart Vettel built up a gap to the two following cars.

Hamilton’s troubles kicked in and he was brought in despite his ultrasoft tyres – with his cooling issues fixed he found himself back in the race in fifth.

From that point the race settled into an almost monotonous convoy, with Bottas trying to close the gap up to Vettel and then fending off Verstappen. The race ended with these three on the podium, followed by Ricciardo, Hamilton and Raikkonen. With a 50th title, Vettel joins an illustrious group of drivers, while Alonso’s landmark 300th race ended with a retirement due to mechanical issues.

Vettel said, post race, ”This win is very important for our tifosi and for our team, today is a special day. 40 years ago Gilles won here, then 14 years ago it was Michael and I was thinking of that today. At the start I tried to build up a margin, I was happy with my first lap and then the safety car came out and I had to start over again. During my last 10 laps I prayed that my car would not develop a problem until the end! Points are always important but today this win means a lot and not just in terms of Championship. The season is still so long and there are many races ahead. The main thing is that our car is strong and stays like that, so that we can fight.”

2018 Formula 1 Drivers

Car NoNameTeam2018 season2017 season
44Lewis HamiltonMercedes213363
5Sebastian VettelFerrari189317
7Kimi RäikkönenFerrari146205
77Valtteri BottasMercedes132305
3Daniel RicciardoRed Bull Racing118200
33Max VerstappenRed Bull Racing105168
27Nico HulkenbergRenault5243
20Kevin MagnussenHaas4519
14Fernando AlonsoMcLaren4417
11Sergio PerezForce India30100
55Carlos SainzRenault3054
31Esteban OconForce India2987
10Pierre GaslyToro Rosso260
8Romain GrosjeanHaas2128
16Charles LeclercSauber13 
2Stoffel VandoorneMcLaren813
9Marcus EricssonSauber50
18Lance StrollWilliams440
28Brendan HartleyToro Rosso20
35Sergey SirotkinWilliams0 

2018 Formula 1 Teams

Team2018 season2017 season
Red Bull Racing223368
Haas Ferrari6647
Force India Mercedes59187
McLaren Renault5230
Toro Rosso Honda2853
Sauber Ferrari185
Williams Mercedes483
2018 Formula 1 Teams

2018 Formula 1 Races

Hungary29/07/2018Lewis HamiltonSebastian VettelKimi Raikkonen
Germany22/07/2018Lewis HamiltonValtteri BottasKimi Raikkonen
Britain08/07/2018Sebastian VettelLewis HamiltonKimi Raikkonen
Austria01/07/2018Max VerstappenKimi RaikkonenSebastian Vettel
France24/06/2018Lewis HamiltonMax VerstappenKimi Raikkonen
Canada10/06/2018Sebastian VettelValtteri BottasMax Verstappen
Monaco27/05/2018Daniel RicciardoSebastian VettelLewis Hamilton
Spain13/05/2018Lewis HamiltonValtteri BottasMax Verstappen
Azerbaijan29/04/2018Lewis HamiltonKimi RaikkonenSergio Perez
China15/04/2018Daniel RicciardoValtteri BottasKimi Raikkonen
Bahrain04/04/2018Sebastian VettelValtteri BottasLewis Hamilton
Australia25/03/2018Sebastian VettelLewis HamiltonKimi Raikkonen
United States21/10/2018   
Abu Dhabi25/11/2018   

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