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Jaguar I-Pace success could spawn all-electric supercar

Jaguar I-Pace success could spawn all-electric supercar

Jaguar Land Rover is doing what most car companies are finding hard to do: invest. While global players like Toyota Motor are squarely in cost-cutting mode on one hand, then you have General Motors which can rely on deep-pocketed investors to move forward their dreams of electrification and autonomy.

In such a scenario it is impressive that despite uncertainties like Brexit in the UK, Jaguar has invested more than US$5.4 billion into new products and technology. Jaguar believes to survive in the game is to move forward with new technologies.

In keeping with that direction, the company is keeping an open mind as the I-Pace platform begins to spawn more models. Jaguar Land Rover engineering director Dr Wolfgang Ziebart suggested the company is expecting a surge in demand for EVs as customers begin to experience the performance of electric powertrains. Luckily, the I-Pace’s platform architecture is designed to be flexible and “definitely scalable” to be used in other niches.

“EV is a very elegant solution for an automobile, and that’s transferable from something that’s a city car all the way up to a hypercar,” he said.

Obviously, this definitely hints that Jaguar may be considering an all-electric supercar to serve as a flagship of its growing EV range. A supercar as a flagship has been on the cards and various ideas have been floated by Jaguar.

It may be recalled that eight years ago the carmaker presented the C-X75 concept, powered by a turbine hybrid system. This supercar development project was eventually scrapped in favour of all-electric sedans and SUVs.

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