Kia Motors Corporation has announced several organizational changes within its overseas operations, as the company grants greater autonomy to each region in an effort to spur sustainable growth and enhance innovation.

As a first step in its global business reorganization, the company has launched Kia Motors North America Headquarters and Kia Motors Europe Headquarters, effective July 2. More overseas markets will be transformed into regional headquarters as the company aims to complete its global reorganization by 2019. These changes are in line with last October’s restructuring at Kia’s headquarters in Seoul, which saw the establishment of a Global Operations Division.

Each regional unit’s responsibilities will extend across every aspect of the business, ranging from product planning, marketing, sales, and manufacturing. It will operate with greater integration, to actively respond to rapidly evolving market trends and customers’ needs. Each regional headquarters will also have functional divisions for planning, finance, products and customer experience, so it can secure and optimize more effective decision-making systems within each region.

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