Ask most carmakers these days about profitability and most will point out that SUVs and crossovers top the list while sedans are losing status as market dynamics change.

Lexus, too is facing such a dilemma in one of its strongest markets, the US in particular and it seems it is beginning to weigh future options with its IS, ES and GS sedans.

David Christ, Lexus’ new general manager has hinted that the ES sedan could very well replace the GS sedan in the line-up and potentially gain all-wheel drive while for the product plan Christ describes it as work in progress. Although Christ has neither confirmed or denied the IS and GS’s potential discontinuation, Christ said the Japanese luxury marque is taking a strategic look and “evaluating” both models.

Meanwhile, Lexus is working to cash in on the crossover and SUV boom with new vehicles like the entry-level UX the three-row RX. It may be recalled that the brand also showed the LF-1 Limitless concept at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show, which may suggest another large crossover model in future or it may effectively replace the three-row RX in due time.

As before, Lexus continues to position itself as an alternative to the German luxury brands but it’s not trying to beat them but focussing on maximizing the opportunities they have in hand.

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