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Michelin working on 480km/h capable tyre

Michelin tyre

Fast cars need fast tyres and as supercar makers keep on shifting the top speed benchmark, tyre makers have to be roped in for making befitting tyres to suit the purpose. Now, it seems, tyremaker Michelin is setting the benchmark for the fast and furious.

Michelin has confirmed that it is working on designing a tyre capable of withstanding extreme speeds. “We are knocking on the door of 480km/h,” says Eric Schmedding, Michelin’s product manager for original equipment.

While Michelin admits that the 480km/h tyre won’t change life for 99 per cent of car owners, there is a surprisingly high demand for it. Several car companies are in a tussle to build a street-legal production car capable of reaching that limit and they’re held back by tyre technology.

Fast car makers like Texas-based Hennessey want to achieve 480km/h with its Venom F5 and currently, the title of the world’s fastest car belongs to the Koenigsegg Agera RS, which hit 443km/h in Nevada. And then there’s Bugatti, the company whose Veyron Super Sport held the top speed record for years. And other, smaller companies like Croatian electric car manufacturer Rimac. Clearly, there will be takers for such high performance tyres.

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