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Opel to go ‘bold and pure’ in design

Opel to go ‘bold and pure’ in design

It’s been a little over a year when General Motors off loaded its loss-making European brand Opel to France-based Peugeot Citroen Group for a hefty sum of $2.3billion. The new owners have already announced fast-tracking Vauxhall and Opel integration with PSA Peugeot-Citroen-DS brands through engineering synergies.

Design will receive top priority as it will be promoted as one of the key USPs for the brand and there’s been some progress in this direction as Opel prepares to launch its design portfolio by 2020.

Starting on a clean sheet, the German/UK brand has confirmed plans to unveil a new concept car by the end of the year which will officially introduce its new design language. Opel says it will be ‘bold and pure’.

The new idea will be presented as the 2018 Brand Concept and it will take styling cues from the Opel CD concept car that debuted at the 1969 Frankfurt Motor Show.  Some cues from the GT Concept that debuted in 2016 will also be blended in the design. The new will emphasize what Opel calls the ‘Opel Compass,’ which consists of vertical and horizontal lines that intersect at the Opel badge.

“Strong proportions, simple but sculptural surfaces, bold graphics, and rare but extremely well executed details — the 2018 Brand Concept we are preparing continues to develop the principles we explored with the GT Concept. There is a clear continuity and consistency in the way we express Opel’s values. However, we have taken several steps forward and are now setting the structure for the future face of Opel. This will be articulated around what we call the Opel Compass,” said Vice President Design Mark Adams.

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