For the first time in almost four decades, a MotoGP race had to be cancelled due to rain. The organisers laid the blame for this on the slippery conditions on the newly resurfaced Silverstone track.

The decision was taken in conjunction with some of the MotoGP class riders. A press conference was held to announce the decision.

“It was obvious the track conditions weren’t safe. After a consultation with the riders we delayed the start to see if conditions would improve,” said Race Director Mike Webb. “We have reached the point where even though the rain is getting less, the circuit is still not in a condition where we can safely run races. So, we’ve taken the very difficult and regrettable decision to cancel.”

Grand Prix Safety Officer Franco Uncini shed some more light on the situation, revealing Silverstone are looking for an investigation to take place to reveal the exact cause of the issues faced this weekend: “We had a discussion yesterday (Saturday) about the improvement of the asphalt. They are looking for an investigation that will take around six weeks, to let us know what really was the problem. We will wait to see the outcome… but for sure they will need a new asphalt.”

Uncini continues, saying when he originally came to view the new asphalt, it was in very good condition. So when did the surface deteriorate? “It was confirmed by Cal Crutchlow, who did a test on a bike one month later, he said it was perfect. But then, we discovered during the Formula One that the circuit was bumpy. So, it was a degrade from March to July. That was the situation of the tarmac, I don’t know what happened, they (Silverstone) will make a deep study.”

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