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McLaren says no to SUVs

McLaren says no to SUVs

Most automakers including the hardcore conservatives have acknowledged that SUVs make a lot of money for the business as it is a dynamic and progressive segment that offers plenty for all sorts of players.

Despite this healthy aspect, however, there are still a handful of carmakers that aren’t tempted as they are more concerned about the impact of having a SUV in the portfolio on their carefully nurtured USPs.

UK-based Mclaren which produces hypercars is very much reluctant to join the SUV bandwagon despite competitors like Lamborghinii, Maserati doing so.

“They utterly dilute the driving experience so it makes no sense,” says McLaren chief Mike Flewitt.

Flewitt’s argument for such a decision is logical. He says the British automaker is not part of a larger group with deep pockets that can repurpose a single SUV architecture across both mainstream and luxury or performance brands.

McLaren also believes an SUV would dilute its brand, which focuses on a heritage of motorsport and drivers’ cars.

“SUVs are great, they have their place, but they’re not great drivers’ cars,” he said. “They utterly dilute the driving experience so it makes no sense.”

The executive also admitted it could be difficult to go up against established players like Range Rover or Porsche and emerging competitiors like Lamborghini or Maserati and create a befitting McLaren-badged SUV in the near term.

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