Includes a low end hydrostatic traction drive that gives it 1000 tonnes of hauling capability

Meet the Swiss army knife of the trucking world – the new generation of the Mercedes-Benz Unimog takes its ability to perform multiple roles a step further.

Yes, it could already do the leap from a road vehicle to one that moonlighted on the tracks, making it a darling of various rail and utility companies around the world.

Now it builds on that ability by adding a hydrostatic traction drive to its torque-converter, allowing it to maximise the use of the torque available in the low range. The ‘little truck that can’ can now haul a 1000 tonne load (on the tracks) making it as useful a shunting engine as any in the yard.

The first of these new vehicles has also been handed over to a transport company in Magdeburg.

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