Home Info Peugeot springs sportscar concept e-LEGEND on shocked world

Peugeot springs sportscar concept e-LEGEND on shocked world

Peugeot springs sportscar concept e-LEGEND on shocked world

You really wouldn’t have thought that staid French manufacturer Peugeot would actually deliver a concept as stunning as the e-LEGEND

The Paris motorshow is around the corner and as usual, the French manufacturers use it to showcase some of their latest models and some concepts. This year, Peugeot seems set to steal the limelight with its very muscle car oriented e-LEGEND concept. It is one concept that we hope will see the light of day, even if it is to bring back those lines!

To start off, it is 100% electric and with typical understatement the company pegs the powertrain as its vision of the brand’s energy transition. The car will have a battery pack with 100 kWh capacity, delivering a maximum torque of 800 Nm and 340 kW of peak power (that’s a heart-warming 456 horsepower. For sake of comparison the Porsche Taycan electric sportscar with its 800-volt charging infrastructure delivers 600hp. If this car actually comes out with the specifications on offer it will be a hot cake, especially with its sub 4-second 0-100 km/h acceleration.

The looks of an American muscle car

Peugeot e-Legend Concept

Okay, not really. The end result looks like something that could have been dreamed up in Detroit. However the homage to the 504 coupe is evident, yet the end result is surprisingly consistent with what you would expect of a muscle car. The grille is dominated by the bulging hood and the headlight assemblies that use an LED signature to visually widen the fascia. At the same time the rear gets the three on each side treatment that again harks back to some muscle cars. The stoplight is also high mounted at the top of the rear windshield and is wide across.

The body lines also are evocative – from the flowing curve that goes from fender to fender with a lovely dip at the door, to the faux power bulges and even the way in which the greenhouse takes that almost pillarless look all the way to the sweeping rear panes.

And then there’s the technology bit

Peugeot has tied up the new age autonomous driving concepts into the e-LEGEND with two full autonomous modes and two manual driven modes. When the car takes over it allows the driver to select a normal or a sharper driving style. In either case the steering wheel tucks itself out of the way, the seats recline, while the system remains accessible from the centre console.

In manual mode too there are two choices – Legend and Boost. The connection to Legend is fleshed out with a digital representation of the 504 Coupe’s dials and Boost throws in the full power of the electric motors.

Would we get these wood interiors?

Peugeot e-Legend Concept

While that blue on the upholstery may not be everyone’s idea of the perfect palette, the wood panelling is itself a whole different ball game. The surface goes up pillars, across the dashboard, across the doors and even on the roof members. And it looks decidedly classy. As for the seats and cabin geometry, we will have to actually see the car.

It’s got the range

Peugeot e-Legend Concept

The battery pack is supposed to offer 600 kilometre range in WLTP ratings (as close to real life use as possible). What’s even better is that you can get almost 500 kilometres off a 25 minute fast recharge.

So, that’s the Peugeot e-LEGEND as we see it. It may never actually see the light of day, but systems that are debuting on it including the voice operated personal assistant will see the light of day in other products. Peugeot is also showing off a lineup of hybrid cars in the show, another segment it has largely ignored till now. But we really, really would like to see the e-LEGEND come into production. We promise never to call Peugeot a staid car maker anymore.

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