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Russia’s Lada planning a modern 4-door Niva SUV

2018 lada 4x4 vision concept 1

Forty two years is a pretty long time for a car’s career. Russia’s original 2-door Lada Niva SUV made its debut in 1976 and very similar to India’s long-serving Hindustan Ambassador sedan, it will eventually be retired.

The first evidence of that something was on the cards came up at the 2018 Moscow Auto Show where the AutoVaz unveiled a concept called 4×4 Vision.

2018 lada 4x4 vision concept

The concept has been designed in-house as a modern car but has not forgotten its original design DNA. Styling cues with the current Niva include the lamp cluster above the headlampswhich have been morphed into daytime running lights (in the current Niva they act as turn signals).

Then you have vents behind the rear window which also come from the Niva. A closer look also exposes how designers played with the silhouette and cleverly concealed the rear door handles to preserve the original Niva’s two-door style.

No mechanical details have been shared of the 4×4 Vision as of now. Lada has technical arrangements with Dacia (a Renault Nissan Alliance brand) for its production models but could develop its own engineering capabilities for the new SUV. However, at this point there’s some speculation about Lada using Dacia’s commercially successful Duster SUV mechanicals.

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