Shell Oman has launched Shell Helix Ultra engine oil in the Sultanate of Oman. The new oil is a fully synthetic offering with a rating of 0W-20 and is meant for new generation engines, especially turbocharged units with a high temperature and stress environment.

Mahmoud Al Abri, Commercial Lubes Manager at Shell Oman said, “The new product is compliant with the new American Petroleum Institute (API) SN PLUS standard. This standard was developed in response to car manufacturers’ requests for motor oils that protect modern turbocharged engines from LSPI. It is Shell’s most advanced engine protection to date for modern turbocharged engines.”

The engine oil is designed for turbocharged engines with the ability to avoid  low-speed pre-ignition and resultant damage from super-knock like cracked pistons, engine failure and broken spark plugs.

Al Abri added,“Car manufacturers continue to innovate engines that not only offer increased fuel economy, but also comply with global emissions regulations. The solution so far has been turbocharged gasoline direct injection (TGDI) engines, but with the increase in LSPI related issues, the industry is turning to motor oils to help mitigate this problem. Thanks to our advanced Shell PurePlus Technology, we have been able to develop the Shell Helix Ultra SN PLUS 0W-20, a fully synthetic product that is perfectly designed to better protect modern turbocharged engines.”

Shell’s PurePlus Technology uses natural gas as feedstock for the base oil. This unique base oil is blended at Shell’s Mina Al Fahal facility for the local and export markets.

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