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Nissan sacks Carlos Ghosn while Renault puts him on pause


It isn’t often that an automotive corporate chieftain draws the sort of attention that the head of the Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Alliance, Carlos Ghosn, is drawing ever since the reports of him being investigated for financial misdemeanours was published by Asahi Shimbun in Japan.

Ghosn, it is reported, had been under reporting the financial compensation package he was paid by Nissan and in addition was reported to have additional rewards paid for by the company, including four homes around the world as well as other unspecified perks.

The information has apparently been provided to the company by a whistleblower – leading some observers to label it a hatchet job launched by his protege and Nissan CEO Hiroto Saikawa.

However, the outcome has been the arrest of Ghosn leading to Nissan ousting him as chairman in a board meeting held on November 22. Renault, the other major partner in the alliance has however chosen to sideline Ghosn by avoiding an outright dismissal. Instead they have elevated chief operating officer Thierry Bollore, who would temporarily fill in for Ghosn.

Mitsubishi, the newest member of the alliance, is yet to make a move to replace Ghosn as chairman.

Nissan has also dismissed Greg Kelly, who is seen as the executive who put together the elaborate cover up Ghosn’s use of corporate assets.

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