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“He thought it was free” – the catchphrase that defines the Carlos Ghosn saga

Showcar K-ZE et Carlos Ghosn

As if Carlos Ghosn’s issues with his free spending (on himself) style of management at Nissan wasn’t enough, the skeletons at Renault are now tumbling out.

A sponsorship deal between Renault and the Versailles Palace to the tune of 2.3-million Euro, which went towards renovation of the famed French landmark is now tainted by a bill of 50,000 Euro that was incurred for the car mogul’s wedding at the location. The bill was waived as part of the overall sponsorship and is now being seen as an unjust benefit Ghosn availed of – along the lines of the Beirut mansion paid for by Nissan.

“He thought it was free” explained Ghosn lawyer Jean-Yves Le Borgne to media and that he was ready to repay the amount, which he wasn’t aware he was due to pay because he was never billed for it.

Ghosn and his second wife Carole threw a Marie Antoinette-themed dinner and party at the former royal residence at Versailles, complete with entertainers in period costumes

Meanwhile, Renault announced that it would report the incident to French prosecutors. A company statement says, “As part of the compliance audits initiated within Groupe Renault on November 23, 2018, it was identified that a contribution of 50,000 euros, under a charitable donation agreement signed with the Château de Versailles, was allocated to Mr. Ghosn’s personal benefit. The elements gathered so far require additional checks to be carried out. Groupe Renault has decided to bring these facts to the attention of the judicial authorities.”

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