Ferrari Oman have just completed a series of media drives for their Ferrari Portofino and Ferrari 812 Superfast cars in the Sultanate.

Building on the increased appeal of the brand among Oman’s super rich, the local importer Al Fardan Motors is also doing its bit to have the latest offerings seen in the country’s media. To this aim, the dealer organized a couple of days of intensive driving of the brand’s cars, with the drive route taking in much of downtown Muscat and then moving over to the salubrious driving conditions of the roads down to the Jebel Sifah resort.

We will be separately featuring a test drive report on the Ferrari 812 Superfast, however in the meantime readers could check out our previous report on the Ferrari Portofino.


Here’s a sampling from our driving impressions of the car:

Our love affair with Ferrari has been long and sometimes very much on the edge. Ever since the new range of engines and gearbox have come to the fore, making even city driving a very pleasant experience, there is no reason to not buy a Ferrari. And the Ferrari Portofino encapsulates every bit of that reasoning.

Switch on the engine and you fall in love with the new reality that is the roar of the turbocharged V8 engine. Like our course pilot said, “Ferrari never produces noise from the tailpipes, only music.” The rumble has been shifted a couple of octaves higher and you can get the flat snap of the tailpipe barking almost on demand. The drive mode selector or Manettino allows you to select between a more restricted set of alternatives than the 488, but then you really won’t think of the Portofino and a Corsa alternative. Comfort, Sport and ESC Off are a good enough range when partnered with the magnetic response selector on the suspension and the manual mode. That’s where we went through a moment – we know that the car’s Auto mode is good, but we held off and held off and then finally dialed in Manual just for the ability to hit a corner with a higher rev on the engine.

The car’s SCM3, dials in all the other aspects of handling and response – it isn’t as aggressive in its envelope at the 488 but then don’t expect it to be so. It delivers a reasonably aggressive yet fluid move through the curves, you can sense its inherent ability to provide oversteer and slip just at the edge of the envelope and yet the car is itself unfazed, taking curves flattish, while reminding you there lurks more power and torque under the hood.

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