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Oman Oil Marketing appoint 24Group for retail digital displays

Oman Oil Marketing appoint 24Group for retail digital displays

Oman Oil Marketing has entered an agreement with 24Group to place HD LED based advertising screens at its pump locations around the Sultanate.

David Kalife, Chief Executive Officer at OOMCO, said “The agreement is a major development for the way our services are offered to consumers. As a dynamic sector for markets that adopts distinct advertising services, we chose 24GROUP as it is one of the most prominent and specialised companies in the UAE with extensive relationships with international advertising agencies. We are delighted to share experiences between two markets that achieve significant annual growth in advertising expenditure.”

Fadi Mohammed, Director General of 24Group, added “We aim to explore new ventures in the Sultanate of Oman that is experiencing remarkable advertising activity, substantial annual growth rates, and economic prosperity that requires complementary advertising services.”

Hussain bin Jama Al Ishaqi, OOMCO General Manager of Retail, spoke about the technology, “This will be a qualitative leap in Muscat’s advertising market that will rely on electronic technologies. It will allow for the presentation of advertising material and high-resolution video clips through a live broadcast that does not require prior preparation of production material.”

The new screens are touted to offer cutting edge technology and viewing experience, since they are based on high definition LED displays. These screens will eventually find their way to all of Oman Oil Marketing’s 202 fuel pumps around the country.

Al Ishaqi added, “We believe 24GROUP is the ideal partner to operate this type of display, requiring extensive experience in their construction, operation, and marketing. Concurrently, this contract is in line with OOMCO’s policy of serving its customers and providing best-quality services through its gas stations.”

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