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PAL-V Liberty Pioneer edition launched at Geneva

PAL-V Liberty Pioneer edition launched at Geneva

Dutch flying car manufacturer PAL-V launched their 90-piece limited edition PAL-V Liberty Pioneer at Geneva.

The PAL-V Liberty Pioneer is targeted to be the first production ready flying car, which the company will start delivering to customers in 2020. The pioneer is set off from the regular Liberty by its dual-cockpit, electronic flight control system and carbon finish.

PAL-V Liberty Pioneer

According to Dingemanse, CEO of PAL-V: “The Pioneer Edition is for those that want to be part of a unique group that writes history with us. They will be at the forefront of a mobility revolution, where we will no longer have cars that can only drive. They will be the first carflyers in their country, flydriving to any destination”

The full carbon package clearly distinguishes the Pioneer from the standard Liberty as well as a tailor-made interior and exclusive characteristic two tone colour scheme.

“Last year we already announced that we were going to start with a limited edition of the PAL-V Liberty. This year we show the special elements of this limited edition of which delivery starts in2020”: says Dingemanse.

PAL-V Liberty Pioneer

The PAL-V liberty is a car that integrates a gyrocopter for the aerial bits of its travel. The gyrocopter is powered by two aero engines from Rotax that have a 200hp output, while in the car mode the drive is a 100hp output. Driving range is 1,315km with a top speed of 160 km/h. Flight requires a short runway of 330m and gives a range of 400km at a cruise speed of 140 km/h. Landing can be achieved in a space of 80m.

“Although more and more flying concepts are announced, only a handful of companies actually work on a real flying car: one that can both fly and drive, ideal for city to city mobility. The combination offers unprecedented freedom: personal door-to-door flying mobility.” Said Mike Stekelenburg, Chief Engineer at PAL-V. As Stekelenburg continues: “The gyroplane principle not only provides us with a very safe and easy to operate flying car but it also enables us to make it compact and within existing regulations, which is the most important factor to build a useable flyingcar.”

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