Home News Toyota Oman launches Gen 12 Toyota Corolla and Corolla Hybrid

Toyota Oman launches Gen 12 Toyota Corolla and Corolla Hybrid

Toyota Oman launches Gen 12 Toyota Corolla and Corolla Hybrid

The all new 12th generation Toyota Corolla was launched in Oman by importers Saud Bahwan Automotive, at the Toyota Oman showroom in the Wattayah area of the capital Muscat. The occasion also saw the unprecedented simultaneous launch of the Toyota Corolla Hybrid.

The chief guest of the occasion was Yuichiro Takeda, who had flown in from Toyota’s facilities in Japan. Speaking about the new Corolla, Takedasan said, “Since the launch of the first generation Corolla in 1966, the Corolla has remained symbolic for us. Manufactured in 13 countries, the Corolla has sold more than 46 million units. From the very start until now, the spirit of the Corolla has remained unchanged. As the 1stChief Engineer of the Corolla, Hasegawa San had said, ‘Let’s create a world where everyone can experience the joy of driving’.”

The all new Toyota Corolla follows on a long tradition extending from 1966, which has seen the marque garner cumulative sales of 47 million plus at last count. The 12th generation vehicle in built on Toyota’s new TNGA platform that has brought modularity and efficiency to the development process.

Speaking about what sets the all-new Corolla apart Takedasan added, “The Toyota Corolla is built on the Toyota New Global Architecture, called TNGA platform. The New Corolla has been developed from a driver and passengers’ point of view first. We drove the all-new Corolla all over the world to confirm it achieves our aim to have “fun to drive” experiences.” 

Highlighting the introduction of the first Corolla hybrid in Oman he said, “On top of conventional petrol engine line up, we have introduced the 1.8 hybrid. This hybrid has a confident and natural driving feel with an impressive performance and fuel economy of 27.6 km/l. Toyota’s proven Hybrid technology will also provide smooth, quiet and responsive driving experiences with powerful torque.”

The ceremony also saw Takedasan hand out bouquets to some fortunate early bird buyers of the new car.

The all new Corolla gets an evolutionary treatment of its front grille, using the enlarged central element to anchor a new headlight arrangement that includes twin rising LED elements on either side, and a slightly widened stance courtesy of the vertical bracketing of the foglight. The interiors get Toyota’s new tiered dashboard with a hybrid analogue and digital instrument panel and access to a 7″ color display (4.2″ on lower variant).

The Toyota Corolla launches with three powertrain options: a base 1.6-litre with 121hp and 154Nm of torque paired with a CVT box. The larger and more powerful option gets one a reworked 2.0-litre ‘dynamic force’ 4-cylinder engine that is rated at 158hp and 200Nm of torque. Handling the higher torque and power, the car gets a ‘direct shift’ version of the CVT.

In addition to these, the all new Toyota Corolla Hybrid was also debuted with a 1.8-litre Atkins cycle 4-cylinder engine and an inline motor assist fed by a battery pack placed behind the rear axle. The laid back petrol engine and the motor in combination offer 121hp at the wheels, while bringing a new benchmark in fuel efficiency norms to the Sultanate, with a claimed figure of 27.6 km/litre.

Earlier in the evening, a Representative from Saud Bahwan Automotive said, “In Oman the Corolla has always remained popular. Be it design, engineering, safety or resale value, the Corolla makes a lasting impression. Like all earlier generations, this too will amaze you. And to encourage such amazing experiences, are Saud Bahwan Group’s world-class facilities. Always focused on customer satisfaction. To enhance your ownership experiences with professional care. We thank our valued customers for their continued support. We also take this opportunity to express our gratitude to Toyota Motor Corporation for their constant support, guidance and encouragement.” 

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