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Since his Mum fell off the pavement, having been told by her 20-month old son that the car passing the bus stop, was a Citroen, Fraser Martin has never really looked forward. Acknowledged amongst his peers as variously wise, encyclopedic, opinionated, something of a sage and quickly becoming a curmudgeon, Fraser has been in and around the motor industry for the better part of 45 years, if you include pumping petrol, selling, writing about, podcasting on, testing, organizing events for and driving, anything with two wheels or more. Based in Dubai, which has been his home for the last 30-odd years and where he is Clerk for the UAE National motor racing scene, Fraser freelances only for grown up publications, is a bit choosy and is consequently much less well-off than he should be. He has only ever written about car related subjects because it is really the only thing he knows anything about, apart from making an excellent spicy green tomato chutney. Tragically, he knows more about the older cars of his youth, because he thinks they were interesting, and though he has driven many modern cars, some of them quite quickly, he finds the newer ones a bit dull. He spends far too much money on a collection of British 1:43 scale models of these same cars. Weird, huh?

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